South Perth Junior Football Club
South Perth Junior Football Club



Our journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to bring the game of Australian Rules Football to the youth of South Perth. Transitioning from amateur to junior football, the club has always focused on development, both on and off the field.

This evolution reflects our commitment to creating a nurturing environment for young athletes, one where they can grow, learn, and thrive under the guidance of dedicated coaches and supportive community members.

South Perth Junior Football Club




  • Youth
DateAge GroupCompetition
1951Under 18Metropolitan Juniors – Eastern Div
1952Under 16PDJF
1954Under 18PDJF
1955Under 18PDJF
1956Under 18PDJF
1957Under 18PDJF
1958Under 16PDJF
1958Under 18PDJF
1959Under 14PDJF (Mosquitoes)
1961Under 16PDJF (Mosquitoes)
1962Under 18PDJF (Mosquitoes)
1964Under 18PDJF
1967Under 14PDJF
1968Under 14PDJF
1969Under 12PDJF
1982Under 12PDJF
1983Under 13PDJF
1984Under 13PDJF (Undefeated)
1994Under 15EFFCJC
2001Under 13 GreenEFFCJC
2002Under 14 GreenEFFCJC
2003Under 15 BlueEFFCJC
2004Under 14DDJFL
2005Under 13DDJFL
2006Under 13DDJFL
2006Under 14DDJFL
2006 Under 17DDJFL
2007Under 14DDJFL
2007Under 17DDJFL
2008Under 13DDJFL
2008Under 13DDJFL
2009Under 14DDJFL
2009Under 14DDJFL
2010Under 15DDJFL
2010Under 17DDJFL
2011Under 15DDJFL
2011Under 17DDJFL
2012Year 8PDFDC
2012Year 9PDFDC
2013Year 9 GreenPDFDC
2013Year 10PDFDC
2014Year 9PDFDC
2014Year 10PDFDC
2015Year 7PDFDC
2015Year 10CC – Barry Cable Division
2016 Year 10CC – Red Division
2016Year11CC – White Division
2017Year 7PDFDC
2018Year 10CC – White Division
2019Year 7 GoldPDFDC
2020Year 7 GreenPDFDC
2021Year 7 GoldPDFDC


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