Quality Club Program

Quality Club Program

South Perth Junior Football Club is currently recognised as a Gold accredited club. The quality club program ensures that our club has sound policies and procedures in place so that our committee is supported in running our club in a manner which is of benefit to us all.

By being recognised as a Gold accredited club, we are able to ensure we have a quality environment for our young players to develop, which means we are able to attract players and retain players and their families. We are also able to market this fact to our sponsors who all want to be associated with a successful club both on and off the field.

Our accreditation is extremely important to the operations of the club and with this in mind your committee annually review our policies and procedures to ensure we are up to speed.

Our plan is to have a “rolling accreditation” in place so that each year our committee is able to review our accreditation and make any improvements as and where required.

By implementing this process our club will be under going continuous improvement that will be of benefit to all concerned and ensure the ongoing stability and strength of our club is never compromised.